The #1 Reason Online Businesses Fail & How To Make Sure It Doesn’t Happen To You

#1 Reason Online Businesses Fail

Have you ever wondered why so many online businesses fail?

If you look at the statistics, you’ll see that over 90% of all online business failures happen within the first 120 days of being launched.

Seriously, 120 days – that’s only 4 months!

To me, that’s absolutely mind blowing!

Especially when you consider the fact that an online business is probably one of the easiest businesses to start when you compare it to a traditional brick and mortar business.

The initial financial investment and the ongoing overhead costs of an online business are usually quite a bit lower than they are when it comes to opening a traditional brick and mortar business. Also, there tends to be fewer steps involved, so the amount of time it takes to go from idea to implementation, is typically a lot shorter. Which of course means that you have the potential to go from launch to profit a heck of a lot faster.

Now the caveat of course is that this obviously depends on what type of online business you’re starting.

For example, starting a software-based online business will take a lot more time and money than starting a digital online business. A digital online business being one in which you are selling your services and/or information-based educational products and/or courses.

Although what I’m sharing in today’s post relates to all online businesses, for the purposes of this post I’m going to be specifically referring to digital online businesses. Simply because they are the easiest, fastest and least risky of all online businesses to start, and they also happen to be my particular area of interest and expertise. Read more

8 Steps to Starting the RIGHT Online Business For You

8 Steps to Starting the Right Online Business For You

Starting an online business is exhilarating and empowering.

There is nothing quite like knowing that your business has the power to change lives.

Not just your life, but the life of every single person that your business touches.

When you start an online business, you are taking your dreams and your destiny into your own hands.

Now I know that sounds kind of dramatic, but speaking as an online entrepreneur, I can guarantee you that it’s the absolute truth.

Ask just about anyone what they want out of life and I can pretty much guarantee you that the words “freedom” and “impact” are going to be near the top of the list.

An online business will give you both.

It lets you to create true freedom for yourself, and you are able to touch more lives, in a much deeper way, than you would otherwise be able to. Read more

5 Secrets to Changing Your Perspective on Life

5 Secrets to Changing Your Perspective on Life

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change – Dr. Wayne Dyer

A few weeks ago my second youngest son was worrying about getting older.

I don’t want to get old. There are too many things to worry about…..going to school, getting a job, finding a wife, getting married….

Not at all what you would expect to hear from a 9 year old. Read more

Today Not Someday: 8 Steps to Moving Beyond Someday and Living In Today

Are you stuck in someday living?

We want to do it today, but we just can’t seem to make it work.

So we begin thinking about doing it tomorrow.

But when tomorrow comes, nothing has changed. It seems just as impossible as it did yesterday.

Instead of thinking about how we can make the seemingly impossible possible, we keep pushing it off.

Next week, next month, or maybe next year.

The days pass, and nothing changes (because of course we haven’t changed anything), so we keep pushing it further and further into the future.

Telling ourselves that “someday” things will change. Read more

From Fearful to FIERCE – How Transforming Your Mindset Can Transform Your Life

From Fearful to Fierce

Our life is a series of moments, and although we may not recognize it at the time, our choices and our actions in these moments have the potential to significantly influence the path that our life takes.

We often think of defining moments as big, meaningful events or transitions in our life.

These events can be either positive or negative, such as the day when we decided what college or university we were going to attend (or not), our first job, the moment we met our future spouse, the day we got married, the day on which we became a parent, the day we got sick, the day we got fired, the day we quit our job and started our business….. etc.

Yet a lot of the time, our defining moments are actually so small, so fleeting, that we can at first glance either dismiss them as insignificant, or miss them completely, only later realizing the way in which they impacted our life.

If that’s the case, how do we choose to “step forward in faith and power” when we may not even recognize the moment as being a “defining moment”?

I have come to believe that the answer lies in our mindset – our attitudes and beliefs. Our mindset shapes the way in which we look at, think about and respond to life.

We need to cultivate a mindset whereby no matter what life brings our way, in moments big and small, we instinctively step forward into each and every moment rather than stepping backward in fear.

So how exactly do you do that? Read more

Letting Go & Letting In

Letting Go and Letting In

With the dawn of 2016 I am finding myself feeling torn between conflicting emotions.

I am exhilarated, yet I am also scared out of my mind.

I am filled with anticipation, yet I am also feeling lost.

And I honestly can’t tell you which of these feelings is stronger right now.

For me, 2016 will be a year of both letting go and letting in.

It all started 4 months ago when I finally made a difficult decision that I knew would dramatically change the direction of my life. Read more